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Connecting data mavericks with fearless business impact.

Connectors: Bringing data and sustainable mavericks to fearless business impact.

We’re a team of investors who want to change the way data technology is backed. We unashamedly believe in the key fundamentals: Great ideas. Demonstrable ROI. Cash flow.

We’re the bridge between angel investors and Private Equity. We don’t have a typical VC structure with an ex-Goldman Sachs investment director who has no clue of how to run a business. Everybody on our team has real life experience and has seen this before.

Our roots are in the investment management community, technology and legal servic

Data visionaries need only apply

We seek to attract ‘Bright Minds’ who can turn the current digital revolution into commercial applications. Starting from data from the legal department and with the sky as the limit. Blockchain, smart contracts, data visualization, machine learning – if you can demonstrate ROI, we are interested and can help you achieve it.

We’re looking to invest in post-start ups who are at the B funding stage. You’ve been through the first rounds, initial set up and are now ready to get support to grow.

Why now

We want to make sure that worthy ideas, products and people get the right type of backing, the support that is built on meaningful pillars and will guarantee longevity. Cash. Profit. People. These are the things that matter in investment.

We want to separate smart ideas from hype and insulate them from the frenzy of Uber-like investments.

Tech. People. ROI.

We’re an evergreen fund, which means you won’t get the typical pressure of a 3 or 5-year fund: no short-sighted quick-win measures that will leave you worse-off. We do not mind if it is eight years, provided that we can see progress along the way towards our two key words: cash and profit.

We’re empathetic. We’ve been through the same growing pains with the businesses that we’ve founded, led and made succeed. We’ll support you through rotating Non-Executive positions on your Board. Each member of our team will alternate to give you the full ammo of skills we have in-house.

We invest on a case by case basis.  Our fund co-invests alongside select industry partners, who are vetted and invited to participate if we think there is commercial value to be added.  This maximizes sector knowledge and gives you access to capital without the constraints of the fund lifecycle.


Bright Minds Capital Partners Invests in Sunstone Systems

Bright Minds Capital Partners is pleased to announce an investment in Sunstone Systems, a British technology company focused on creating robust, renewable energy solutions.

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Bright Minds Capital Partners Exits Muve Investment

Bright Minds Capital Partners is pleased to announce the successful exit of its investment in Muve.

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Our Team

Few investors have taken up the real challenge of a start-up or early-stage investment.  We have, and remain actively involved in real management challenges.

We have a unique blend of skills from having lived the challenges of technology, growth and corporate strategy from start-up to exit.

David Holme


From chocolate factories to legal tech, David has led a portfolio of investments and exits spanning many sectors, regions, and years. He started off as a KPMG accountant, moved on to Private Equity, and later founded Exigent in 2003, which has been acquired by Morae Legal in 2023. He wanted to try the other side of investment, too: not just looking from afar with a financial chart, but leading people, building something new from scratch, bringing about change in a stale industry. And now he wants to give back supporting the next generation of visionaries.

Nicola Stott

Investment Partner

Nicola is the embodiment of the ‘anything is possible’ mantra: she flexed her commercial muscles in 15 years at blue-chip companies like American Express and then co-founded Exigent, a global organization she led with relentless energy into phenomenal growth as CEO. Since October 2023, Exigent has been acquired by Morae Legal and Nicola has moved to a Senior Managing Director at Morae. 

With laser-like focus on revenue-generating activities and a track record of smooth post-acquisition integrations, Nicola is always excited to share her first-hand experience of operating and growing a global business. Sales and marketing kudos, radical focus, people skills and the ability to inspire even a couch potato to run a marathon: that’s what she’ll bring to the table.

Leigh Wallace

Portfolio Success Manager

Leigh is an enthusiastic and dedicated Portfolio Success Manager passionate about ensuring client satisfaction and achieving outstanding portfolio performance. Leigh’s commitment to excellence and continuous learning is evident in her approach to the role. Leigh establishes a solid foundation for successful partnerships by building strong and meaningful client relationships. She actively listens to client feedback, taking every opportunity to address concerns and gather valuable insights for improvement.

Leigh’s ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including Marketing and Finance, showcases her adaptability and teamwork skills. This seamless coordination allows for delivering exceptional service and creating tailored strategies to meet clients’ unique business needs.

Leigh’s determination and eagerness to learn have enabled her to grasp the intricacies of portfolio management quickly. Regularly analysing data and conducting performance reviews, they ensure clients’ portfolios are on track to achieve their goals, adjusting as required to ensure success.

As a Portfolio Success Manager, Leigh is committed to providing valuable solutions, going above and beyond to exceed client expectations. Her unwavering dedication to client success is pivotal to long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Amy Dennerlein

Medical Legal Advisor

Amy Dennerlein is a visionary leader dedicated to spearheading digital transformation within the medical legal industry. Renowned as a driving force, she has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing medical litigation support for both plaintiffs and defense firms. As the former Director of Exigent Medical Legal Services (now part of Morae), Amy earned a reputation for ensuring optimal outcomes for her clients.

Presently, Amy holds the position of CEO and founder at Realize-365, an innovative tool designed to streamline the medical records review process. With the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, Realize-365 delivers enhanced analytical outputs, offering a valuable solution for organizations navigating extensive medical legal data.

Drawing from over two decades of experience leading medical legal teams, Amy’s expertise is unparalleled. Her tenure as the Director of Medical Legal Services solidified her strong relationships with some of the largest personal injury law firms. Today, these firms trust Realize-365 to provide a secure and efficient platform for the seamless delivery of critical information. Amy Dennerlein continues to shape the future of the medical legal landscape, ensuring her clients benefit from the latest advancements in technology and unmatched industry insight.

John Albright

Co-Investor & Advisor

John is the Chief Legal and Compliance officer of HUB International, and oversees HUB’s Enterprise Risk Management program and all real estate assets (500+ commercial leases). HUB International is the world’s fifth largest insurance and employee benefits brokerage. Prior to joining HUB, John served as General Counsel for Information Resources, Inc. (IRI).

Having spent the better part of his career in both legal and commercial roles in the technology and business process outsourcing sectors, John was an early adapter of, and advocate for, legal technology, data analytics and artificial intelligence in the provision of legal services, and he remains a thought leader and frequent lecturer on these topics today.

Daniel Logan


Dan is that rare breed of lawyer who gets technology and data. With 25 years as a Bay Street attorney under his belt, Dan’s worked on some of the biggest tech M&A deals out there, giving him the perfect platform to advise our board on worthy investments. As both lawyer and technologist, designing legal analytics models is something Dan relishes, particularly if it involves FinTech or financial services, where he’s been doing this successfully for years. With a dedication to innovation, Dan is committed to helping start-ups unleash their full potential through the bubble and for the long-term.

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